Mini Me

It’s kinda hard to believe that I had a girl who looked like this seven years ago. Just from the picture you can she was kinda spunky. She’d also get really quiet and pretty. Not that she’s not pretty in

This Girl

This girl is sweet. This girl is bound for good things. This girl loves Frozen and knows almost every word to “Let it Go”. This girl is one of the crowd. This girl has a smile that will melt. your. heart.

The World

I have lived in Mexico City.  Hiked up a mountain where there was no road to a village.  I’ve used mosquito nets in the jungle to prevent against malaria.  I’ve seen the destruction of war standing in the ruins that


Mike and I started watching Chuck from a referral from a friend.  We enjoyed Chuck a lot.  Maybe too much.  I may or may not have had withdrawals. It became the show that the kids would tell us in the